Lessons in Positivity EXTRA

Parents are unexpectedly finding themselves at home right now with kids who need something educational to replace school and planned activities. They also need positive messages in a scary time of negativity. Positive Athlete’s “Lessons in Positivity” are video podcasts and a combination of reading (to support literacy), encouragement on over 200 different topics middle and high school aged kids are going through (e.g. depression, anxiety, bullying, shyness, injuries), inspiration (e.g. volunteering, fund raising, overcoming cancer), and employment and life advice from sponsors. Positive Athletes from multiple professional and Olympic sports will discuss a story from The Positive Athlete book from their homes that is videoed via Zoom. They also send out a positive message to the kids, as well as tips on how they can help their parents out. The subject of the story will also be interviewed about their story. And finally, corporate sponsors will provide someone to be interviewed about how to think about their future as well as sage advice. The videos are packaged and available to schools and parents for online utilization.

Dr. Vonda Wright

Chief of Northside Hospital Sports Medicine in Atlanta

Episode #1

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