Lessons in Positivity

Parents are unexpectedly finding themselves at home right now with kids who need something educational to replace school and planned activities. They also need positive messages in a scary time of negativity. Positive Athlete’s “Lessons in Positivity” are video podcasts and a combination of reading (to support literacy), encouragement on over 200 different topics middle and high school aged kids are going through (e.g. depression, anxiety, bullying, shyness, injuries), inspiration (e.g. volunteering, fund raising, overcoming cancer), and employment and life advice from sponsors. Positive Athletes from multiple professional and Olympic sports will discuss a story from The Positive Athlete book from their homes that is videoed via Zoom. They also send out a positive message to the kids, as well as tips on how they can help their parents out. The subject of the story will also be interviewed about their story. And finally, corporate sponsors will provide someone to be interviewed about how to think about their future as well as sage advice. The videos are packaged and available to schools and parents for online utilization.

Colton Parayko

Reigning Stanley Cup Champion Colton Parayko of the St. Louis Blues

Episode #3

Renee Montgomery

2-Time WNBA Champion & NCAA Champion

Episode #2

Hines Ward

Super Bowl XL MVP

Episode #1


    • PositiveAthlete.org will be the home for these weekly video/podcasts where parents, teachers and kids can download the video, but also be encouraged to first read the 700 to 800-word story about a different Positive Athlete featured in the book. There will be a special page on the website dedicated to these video/podcasts.
    • There will also be a link on the page for parents, coaches and schools to purchase The Positive Athlete book online for $17.95 + tax + shipping (est: $25.00 per book total). There would also be a link to have teachers sign up to receive sponsored books by local and/or national companies.
    • A link for adults to nominate Positive Athletes will also be located on this page. These nominees could be featured in future podcasts, win college scholarships, receive tickets from professional sports teams, etc.

    • Scott Pederson will host the video/podcasts on Zoom with along with a different professional or Olympic sport athlete, one of the kids from the book, and a corporate partner. These would not be live events and would be edited to allow us to insert video of the celebrity athlete performing as well as other graphics at some point

    • An attempt will be made to have professional and Olympic athletes be involved in stories tied to the sport they play. Example, Hines Ward and a football player.
    • The athlete would be provided the story, as well as the book, in advance of their appearance on the show. We will also provide them a list of questions Scott Pederson will be asking them after the Positive Athlete feature story is told.
    • The celebrity athletes will be asked questions not only about the feature story, but questions about their own lives and negative situations they have overcome. We will also ask the athletes to provide the kids a “Positive Tip of the Day” which will have to do with something involving serving someone else (e.g. a parent, sibling, neighbor).
    • Each celebrity athlete will also be allowed to promote their charitable cause which ties back in to why they are a Positive Athlete.

    • Links will be sent to all participating Positive Athlete high schools in GA, PA, NY, MI, MN, and WA with requests to share with their feeder middle school programs.
    • The sport or teams connected with the celebrity athletes would be provided the link and asked to share on their social media channels. Also, we would ask their PR departments to help us share what we are doing with their local media contacts.
    • We will reach out to organizations connected to the subject matter of the feature story such as the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Adapted Sports Association, American Diabetes Foundation, etc.
    • We will reach out to school-related organizations such as National School Boards Association, School State Superintendents Association, Coaching Associations, School Counselors Associations, NFHS Network.
    • We will encourage our corporate partners to share the content on their social media.

    • Corporate partners of Positive Athlete will be required to purchase a certain number of books at $12.00 per book that will either be distributed by Positive Athlete, or utilized by the company to give away however they see fit.
    • Each corporate partner will also offer a college scholarship or scholarships either nationwide or tied to a specific region.
    • Corporate partners will be allowed to have a representative on the video/podcast talking about relative subjects to kids (e.g. how to get a job in their company’s field, saving money, volunteerism).
    • Scott would ask them a question about the feature story of the day to bring them into the video/podcast flow

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