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  • Your job offering will be in front of over 24,000 qualified potential employees, interns and volunteers every month.
  • The jobs listings will be available on the website 24/7,  the best high school and college students in the country.
  • We will provide promotional reminders via email to all our Positive Athletes to make them aware of new jobs being listed at minimum two times a month.   
  • If your listing is about to run out, you will get notification so you can extend it if needed.
The Jobs Pipeline is just getting started and you get to take advantage of our opening discount.

Use coupon code POSA40 to get 40% off your initial postings package.

This is a great opportunity to reach PRE QUALIFIED applicants. Remember our 7 traits of a Positive Athlete. Doesn’t get much better than that for getting new dedicated employees, interns or volunteers.

Posting a job listing is easy


  • Create an account for you or your company. (If you have already created an account, simply LOGIN)
  • Pick your package for the amount of time and number of jobs you will be posting.
  • Submit a job posting – it is easy and self explanatory – you will be able to preview your posting and edit before you actually submit your listing. (Please note: you will be able to LOGIN and edit your entry at any time)
  • Once you submit your posting, it is sent to a PENDING file. We do this because we do get the occasional bogus entry or something unsavory, we will review it and then approve it for viewing. (We try to make approvals within 24 HOURS)

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