Positive Athlete Book

The Positive Athlete book is a collection of 100 true-life experiences written by high school student-athletes across the country who have either overcome difficult circumstances or have significantly given back to their schools and communities.

Sample List of Topic covered in the book: Adapted Sports, Adoption, Anxiety, Being Different, Broken Dreams, Bullying, Cancer, Come Backs, Community Involvement, Courage, Creating a Foundation/Non-profit, Cultural Education, Depression, Disabilities, Disappointment, Diversity, Eating Disorders, Exclusion, Faith, Feeling Different, Fitting in, Forgiveness, Fund Raising, Hair Loss, Heart Conditions, incarcerated Parent, Inclusion, Injuries, Language Barriers, Leadership, Learning Disabilities, Losing a Loved One, Mental Health, Military Families, Perfectionism, Perseverance, Quitting, Racial Stereotypes, Selfconfidence, Self-image, Single-parent Homes, Sportsmanship, Suicide, Teamwork, Underage Drinking and Drugs, Volunteerism

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